Lost Town

Hand full of cuts Mind full of dreadful sound That’s how things roll up In this lost town. Seeing faces with marks Crawling for their crown Dragging their soul For what they couldn’t found. Night full of isolation Days full of cursed bound Only faded shooting stars Passes through this lost town. Now only scavengers […]

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Reminiscence of early life

Life which I used to live Was full of memories Was full of tears Was full of sins Which always make me fear, Was full of people Whose contact I used to have Seldom made me felt so blissful Until it turn out to be a crap, Now I am sipping champagne and Removing them […]

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Alluring lies

Childhood begins From once upon a time, To a fairy tale land where only Beauty rule’s the mind, Grew old , thinking world is like a castle And people as sweet as banoffee pie, Didn’t know they would turn out to be creatures Who have lost their light, Felt lonely as there was no one […]

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Heart soaked in cherry wine

There will be a time When the disillusionment of life Is going to cripple your mind That’s the time You grab your heart And put it in the bottle Full of cherry wine Shaking it well, Before opening the wine So that it could pump out the bitterness It used to conceive back in time, […]

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Heart that has lost his voice

I was seeing through her eyes She was seeing through mine She wanted me to give her the wings So she could fly high I thought I was giving her a snuggle By holding her tight But I couldn’t understand her afflicted vibes The moment I sent her free She was high in skies And […]

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