Her Silver Locks Clutched With Memories Block

* This piece is dedicated to my Grandma*

Opened eyes in the wings of an angel,
They used to call her old soul,
But she used to be my angel.
She used to wrap me inside her wings,
So that I couldn’t feel,
What this devlish world is concealed with,
Despite being an broken angel.

All the stories which she used to tell me ,
About the stars and moon,
Didn’t know that with the time,
She will join them too.

She used to cuddle me inside,
So that a newborn can know,
That he is not alone,
She is there with him too.

She used to give me shelter,
Where unnutured soul like me can hide,
Protecting me from the sound of thunder,
Which always used to make me cry,
By chanting prayers loudly than the skies.

I was unknow about the fact,
That the time is flewing fast,
And she would no longer hold me tight,
And would no longer cuddle me inside,
As soon as I realised it,
I was caught with the indebtedness of life.

Chasing dreams and working hard,
So that she could feel pride,
All she wanted was a hug,
From the family in which her emotions used to reside,
But everyone was busy,
As they were trapped in the vicious circle of life.

But she never complained about,
How lonely she used to feel from inside,
Fought battle of life,
As noone by her side,
until she capitulate herself,
In front of the beguiling light.

Angels came to took her away,
But she was left with no time,
To snuggle and nuzzle her grandson,
And wish him the last good-bye.

Felt numb whenever her memories,
Passes through memory lane of my mind,
But the moment I think,
What she would be feeling right now,
Completely eradicate the resentment,
Which I used to have in my mind.

As I do know for sure,
she would be beaming,
As she would have found,
The Lost love of her life
which she losted while battling time….


©Yusuf zeeshan All Rights Reserved


Lost Town

Hand full of cuts

Mind full of dreadful sound

That’s how things roll up

In this lost town.

Seeing faces with marks

Crawling for their crown

Dragging their soul

For what they couldn’t found.

Night full of isolation

Days full of cursed bound

Only faded shooting stars

Passes through this lost town.

Now only scavengers

Rule this desolated town

As the people who used to exist

Now left with the hollow eyes

Full of screaming sound.

But the doors which used to be closed

Slightly opened with a ray of hope

That someone could guide them

Through these murky roads.

Abruptly skies lightened up

Resembling bliss of hope

That’s when they realise

There were only few left

Who haven’t negotiated with their hope.

Eyes full of ebullience

And smell full of smoke

Carrying lighters to lighten paper lanterns

Which could bring back other’s lost hope….

©Yusuf zeeshan All Rights Reserved

Reminiscence of early life

Life which I used to live

Was full of memories

Was full of tears

Was full of sins

Which always make me fear,

Was full of people

Whose contact I used to have

Seldom made me felt so blissful

Until it turn out to be a crap,

Now I am sipping champagne and

Removing them from the heart

Which I used to have

Seeing them on Instagram and Snapchat

Making memories with strangers

So that they can show

What they have.

But I don’t keep their contact in my phone

Because my mind is enough

For creating zones

For those who can’t last for years.

I keep them in my mind

So that when dissoluted by time

I turn towards them

And have the glimpse of the shrine.

Things went wrong

Back in time

But I don’t give a shit

Because that’s how my life rhymes.

They wanted me as a puppet

To whom they can play with

But I left them with the strings

To whom they can now really blame it.

Seeing in mirror,

Reflection of mine

I know that he lies

Because he doesn’t show

What I have seen with time.

Sitting in my room

Full of memories of life

Throat choked with emotions

Of lost memories

Which could no longer

Resist my heart tides.

But now, one thing is clear

That life is full of strangers

Who can’t last for years,

Having expiry date for relationship

Maintaining them,

always grabbed me with fear.

So I don’t spend time with them anymore

As I have found the one

Which I have been looking for

It only comes out

When I am in tears

As it portray

What I have been through all these years.

My new relationship with my writing

Is going to last for years,

As long as I am having a breath

As long as I am having a mind to bear

The thing which I see and hear

I always keep them in writing

So that someone else could feel

What I used to fear………..

©Yusuf zeeshan All Rights Reserved 



Alluring lies

PicsArt_09-13-05.19.50Childhood begins

From once upon a time,

To a fairy tale land where only

Beauty rule’s the mind,

Grew old , thinking world is like a castle

And people as sweet as banoffee pie,

Didn’t know they would turn out to be creatures

Who have lost their light,

Felt lonely as there was no one

To whom my soul could tie.

Sitting on the bench seeing rag pickers

Picking up the hope of their life,

Slowly I moved towards them

And felt the warmth in their eyes,

As I saw a reflection of myself

Through the lens of their eyes,

It gave me a shiver

About the reality of life,

But how would I have known about it

As I was raised in the fairy tale land

Without thinking that life would turn out to be an alluring lies………

©Yusuf zeeshan All Rights Reserved

Heart soaked in cherry wine

There will be a time

When the disillusionment of life

Is going to cripple your mind

That’s the time

You grab your heart

And put it in the bottle

Full of cherry wine

Shaking it well,

Before opening the wine

So that it could pump out the bitterness

It used to conceive back in time,

Pour it in an empty glass

And you’ll feel the aroma of your delectable wine,

With your heart softened

Which was drying back in time,

Taste it so you could feel

What you were lagging behind,

Leave the rest

So that someone else

Could have a sip of your lovely wine

And taste the glimpse of the universe

You used to conceive in mind……

©Yusuf zeeshan All Rights Reserved

Heart that has lost his voice

I was seeing through her eyes

She was seeing through mine

She wanted me to give her the wings

So she could fly high

I thought I was giving her a snuggle

By holding her tight

But I couldn’t understand her afflicted vibes

The moment I sent her free

She was high in skies

And I was left with a heart

That has lost his voice

I tried to console my heart

By putting bandages each around its side

That’s when I realised

We were meant to be apart

Because life is like a gloomy cage

Where every lonely bird resides……..

©Yusuf zeeshan All Rights Reserved